The Alien and the Impostor

At first we thought that the "thing" was an alien from space, because he looked just as we always have imagined them: small in stature, with pungent big eyes, and an attire that is not very Madison Avenue style.

A closer look revealed however a detail that was baffling: in his hands he had a flashlight. The question then was: do aliens from space use flashlights the way we humans do? Again, we got a little closer and discovered a very important and disarming little detail: the flashlight read "made in China"! Now, it was blatantly obvious that we were dealing with an impostor!

Under a good however very civilized amount of duress, we asked the thing to identify himself. The creature, fearing that he would be deprived of all the toys that he had already received in "another dimension", wasted no time in revealing himself and guess what, we were pleasantly surprised to find out that it was Braden, the very good looking child of Jessica and Lee (Mitch's brother)

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