Our Mike Soviero participated to the last NYC Marathon. We don't have the time nor his place at the arrival, but there are rumors that we feel compelled to share with you all. More than rumors it appears they are facts, being that they were on the front page of some important, honest and overall objective newspapers like the NY Post and the Daily News. Some very notable local and national cable TV stations also ran abundant and generous segments of what happened. Here is the story.

A person looking just like our Mike and wearing the same outfit was on the D train, northbound. What attracted the other passengers' attention was that this guy started to use a bottle of water but not to drink, rather to pour it on his head and shoulders and chest so that he would look sweaty. About one mile before Central Park he got off the train, rose from depthness of the subway world and, with some innocent looking maneuvering worth an Emmy, disappeared, swallowed by the multitude of other runners approaching the last mile of the race.

Mike, we don't and can't believe these stories. You are our hero, our role model, and would never ever doubt your sportsmanship, courage and stamina. Probably those newspapers wrote what they wrote out of blatant envy.

PS In all confidentiality, where did you buy the medal hanging from your neck? I would like one for myself....



Jokes aside, Mike, we believe that what you did is simply remarkable! Not too many of us could do it, because it takes a tremendous amount of physical preparation, motivation and stoic attitude.

Thank you Mike, we are very proud of you!