All she had to say was "Daddy, when are you going to have lunch with me in the city?". My immediate and very idiotic response to Jen's request was: "let me check my schedule and I will let you know in a few days". So the following day (today, October 21), having satisfied the security requirements at the reception desk of the "News Building", I went up to the 31st floor, where I simply got lost. The place, for those not familiar with it, is a very challenging labyrinth, so, rather than making an unnecessary and time consuming exploration of the area, I used my cell phone to call Jennifer for help. Of course she came from the opposite side of where I was, and immediately she took me to say hello to Bob, her boss. She has an unquestionable respect and even affection for him, so we chatted for a few minutes. During that brief time I asked him if he could consider my credentials for a "certain" job that I was interested in. He said "I'll do my best", but I don't think that he was really serious... Too bad!

It was lunch time, therefore there was nobody else that I could be introduced to, so Jennifer and I thought of going out and have lunch ourselves. The place that she chose is a restaurant owned, I believe, by Ted Turner, and the name is "Ted Montana". I had two mini hamburgers, one with beef, the other one with bison's meat. The latter comes from the vast prairies that Mr Turner has in Montana. Lunch was lovely and more than that was great spending time with my Gegi.

I was ready then to do my tourist thing with my inseparable Nikon D90 affectionately attached if not glued to my shoulder and an attire typical of retired (some folks spell it "retard") people. But she said no, we had to go back to her office because there were other people, all of them very important to her, that we had to meet. There, I was first introduced to this lovely girl, Christy, that works very closely with Jennifer. She is very pretty and has a very pleasant personality. We share a passion for photography.

While talking with Christy, I was introdyced to Jose, then Tom from the door of his office shouted "what am I, chopped liver" for not having been yet introduced, and then Joe, a great young man, and Iris got out of the elevator, and then... more people, and then..... more and more, they just kept pouring in... Hugs, and hand shakes... Wonderful!

I am however concerned why I never get to meet Judy and Pam. They always take the day off when I go there. and I just wonder why...!

Thank you, Jen, thank you guys, thank you Fox

PS Bob, please work on my application for "that" job! Thank you....!

Jen and Chris
While at Fox