Gioiosa, 2009

Genoveffa, my mother...


Genoveffa, my mother, is just incredible! Approaching 90, she realizes that physical activity is extremely important, so she gets up at 6AM and right away she starts to get involved with tasks that include taking care of her garden, pulling weeds, planting flowers and picking fava beans, repositioning stones and moving things around, and on and on... During my stay in Gioiosa we had many and long conversations, most of them centered on Jennifer, Lisa, the past and the hard times that unfortunately were part of our life.. While I spied on her from inside the house, behind the blinds, she reminded me of a jumping bean, never stopping moving and doing things. Until after lunch, which is when she felt abandoned by her strength, a valid justification for enjoying a very well deserved rest.


Hanging Clothes Fava beans ready for freezing
A beautiful, smiling Genoveffa


Some of my friends

Cesco, the artist ..and Frank, his son, also an artist
..and a very pensive Toto'


Pietro, a beautiful baby

Pietro is the beautiful son of Manuela (Lisa's cousin) and Salvatore


Gioiosa by night



Ancestral ways


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