In case you don't recognize the people in the picture above (one is very famous already, the little one will be very soon...), I'll give you a hint: The one wearing the "incognito" hat is the director of photography of many known movies.Of course I am not going to tell you the intrinsic art involved with his movie making activity, otherwise you would thing that I am trying to be psychologically bribing him to the point that he might get me a little (maybe big?) part in one of his movies...

But, listen, I used to be a Marcello (Mastroianni) look alike, and my accent (do I have one?) is pretty good.

The better looking guy on the left is Dante. Can you now solve the puzzle?


When I first caught my biggest fluke ever,I was very happy and excited and shared the news with all of you, but some guys made some very envious, demoralizing comments. I should have ignored them, but you know how I am, I like to face the bull by the horn, and responded. In case you have forgotten, here is what these very envious people said:

This guy whose name I believe is "Roc" ( you know, they never sign their name in full) said:

"Knowing what a poor fisherman you are, that catch must have been a fluke!"

And then one of his partners(in crime, of course) added:

"Very good Roc….

George….I was respecting your wishes of “No comment, just be envious..., and learn from a pro! “, especially knowing that commenting on can prove to be problematic at times, but eventually you will need to show us a few frames prior of the person who actually caught that ‘monster’, and that you then grabbed for the photo op……"

What are they going to say now about the nice catch in the picture on the left?