The Fashion Show

There was a fashion show in Manhattan the week ending 3-6, and our dear cousin Michael Maiello was one of the designers. Lisa and I were invited to the show, an invitation that we would have killed for, if it was necessary!!

It was a great experience, and it was also so refreshing to see all these young people, students from Parsons Institute of Fashion and Fashion Institute Technology, so actively and responsibly involved in such an ambitious project.

Some of the designers came up with some very challenging, futuristic, audacious, unusual style suggestions, an approach that already shows their readiness to challenge and reshape the fashion world. No doubt though that they will dictate tomorrow's style and, judging from what we saw, Michael will be one of the best.

I was not able to replicate my usual, legendary, well known photographic expertise (from my position it was very hard to aim and shoot in a fraction of a second), but as it has happened in other occasions, my dear cousin Joanne came to the rescue by emailing me some (well, all.....) pictures that she took. Thanks, Joanne, I owe you more than one now!



Now, just to get the records straight, mine at least, it is not true that John Galliano was let go because of his political/racial/religious ideas. Rather, he had prepared his own departure because he was aware that some people, including our Michael Maiello, were ready to challenge his job

....and by the way, Michael, you really look good, very, very goooood"




u   m d  


Sit back and relax, Michael, because all the companies on this page will be looking for you....!

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