Joe Ali

Only a few weeks ago Lisa and I went to see Vicky and Joe in New City, the charming town that they had chosen for their retirement. I was very pleasantly surprised to notice how positive although realistic Joe was in living a life that was enormously limiting his movements, his speech, his coordination. For sure that was not the kind of life for the active man that he had always been.

We spent the day chatting and talking about the most disparate issues, from hunting to fishing, from politics (yes, even politics...!) to vacations, from memories of when we were young to the good children that we have.

Before we left Long Island going there, Jennifer had asked me to tell Joe that she still remembers what he used to tell her: "Go to school, study hard, because studying is very important, remember that". And when Joe heard that, a megasmile brightened his face.

It was sad to see him in that kind of condition but it was also an inspiration to see how he was trying not to be intimidated by it, and he still had that very good sense of humor that was so much part of his life. He loved to tell jokes, which were never, ever vulgar. Told by other people, those same jokes would not have had the same cleanness.

I always felt very honored and fortunate to have him as a friend. There was always something to be learned from him, a man that never raised his voice so that he would be heard.

Joe will be missed by his wife Vicky, who has always assisted him with unusual love and dedication, and his boys, Sal, Joe and Anthony. But he will also be missed by all those, including myself, that were fortunate enough to know him.

We love you, Joe, and you'll be always in our thoughts and prayers.


The wake will take place at

Cusimano & Russo Incorporated

2005 W Sixth Street (and Ave T)
Brooklyn, NY 11223
Phone Number: (718) 372-1348

On Friday - from 2pm to 5 pm and 7pm to 9pm


A funeral mass will be celebrated on Saturday at 9:15 am

Church of Sts Simon & Jude
185 Van Sicklen St (Bet Ave T and West 2nd St), Brooklyn, NY

(718) 375-9600‎